What supplemental gear works with your mics?


Our mics fit in standard Shure clips that you would use for a 58 and we include one with every order. They can be a bit tough to snap on – you can’t slide them in because of the flange at the bottom of the mic – but the Shure clips are really unbreakable and very secure once you snap the mics in.


Most of our mics are used from far enough away that a pop filter is not really necessary (we have a lot of filtering built-in to the head basket) but we have designed a pop filter specifically for the Edwina, which is more frequently used for close vocals. See the product page here.


The Røde Dead Kitten works really well with the Edwina; it will slip on over the headbasket without modification. It will fit over the ball on the Louise as well, but you need to do a little surgery to make holes for the springs to go through. They’ll look a little funky with those fur balls, but then our mics always do, and they provide very effective wind screening.

If you have additional gear you’ve found that works well with your Ear Trumpet mic, please let us know! We’d love to compare notes.