The hand-made microphones from our craft workshop are unlike anything else you've seen or heard. We combine state-of-the-art sound quality with playfully eclectic design– the perfect recipe for the creative performer.
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Milk Carton Kids

"The depth and uniqueness of character of the ETL's have allowed us to present, finally, the show we've heard in our heads this whole time." –Joey Ryan, Milk Carton Kids

(yes, this performance was recorded with one Edwina.)

Andra Day

"I can put this mic on and know it’s doing 95 percent of the work for me… The off-axis rejection is absolutely incredible; its a large-diaphragm condenser, and there are often times that I can get more gain out of that than I can out of a 58." – Caleb Morris, FOH Engineer for Andra Day

Vocals: Chantelle


Jerry Douglas
& the Earls of Leicester

"Ear Trumpet Labs microphones and the Earls of Leicester have a lot in common. They both have the look and sound of the past with a twist of the future thrown in for no extra cost. No other microphone is used by the Earls of Leicester. They don’t want anything different. Why would they?" – Jerry Douglas



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