Sound great, look amazing: the hand made microphones from our workshop are unlike anything you've seen anywhere else. They combine professional-quality electronics and sound with playfully eclectic design - the perfect recipe for the creative performer.

Please see the recent review of our Edwina in Tape Op magazine. We're incredibly proud to have the respect of some very fine recordists.

We are a small craft builder. We evolve our designs from common hardware, everyday objects, found things. Sturdy practicality is a paramount design goal - our microphones and other pieces of equipment are used day in and day out by touring musicians, in studios, and on video shoots.

We strive for a creative, artistic, and DIY sensibility. From cutting our own foam for custom packing in our recycled toolbox cases, to watching the oscilloscope while adjusting component values in each circuit, to casting our own badges for labeling, we love every step of the process.

But mostly we love good music performed well, and we take great pride in providing tools to help. See our Videos and Shows galleries for examples of our mics in use.


"I've used them on everything from piano to drum overheads, and they sound as good as they look. Honestly - I haven't found anything I don't like the Edwinas on! They sound incredible!"
- Kevin Robinson, of Viva Voce, Blue Giant and Amore!phonics, Portland OR

"The Chantelle was exceptional at Jackpot this weekend. T Bone Burnett called and asked for his acoustic guitar sound back..."
- Matthew Morgan, recording engineer, Portland, OR

"It was really great to have that depth and thickness of a condenser mic, but tuned to where you could use it live, on common PA equipment, and not have it be a feedback bomb. It worked great. Very usable, great condenser tone. Great look too! That thing sounded awesome."
- Danny Barnes, Seattle, WA

"I was really surprised at how awesome, warm and cool looking they are. Can't believe how badass they sounded in a live setting! Not a whole lot of mics could keep the warmth at a distance like that!"
- Jaron Luksa, live sound engineer for Amanda Palmer, Burbank CA

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