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Nadine is a medium-large diaphragm condenser mic specifically designed for use on upright basses. The low end is tuned to give a flat response at the mounting distance, and the cardioid pickup pattern provides very natural sound by picking up as much of the surface of the bass as possible, within the constraints of the close placement. There's great rejection off the back of the mic, allowing use with stage monitors.

Physically, the mic is separated into the body, which securely straps to the tailpiece with velcro elastic, and the head, which mounts easily between the strings above the tailpiece using a rubber grommet. The 14-inch Mogami cable that connects the two parts makes it easy to place the mic ideally on any bass. This mounting system makes Nadine both easy to move from instrument to instrument and secure enough to leave on one bass permanently. After years of being asked for a mic specifically designed to meet the needs of the acoustic upright player, we think we've found the best design yet for this demanding application.



  • Hand-made microphone with unique appearance

  • Unique, easy-to-use mounting system designed specifically for upright bass. 14" Mogami cable and washer-mounted head to fit all sizes of upright bass.

  • Capsule and electronics tuned for live use with excellent feedback rejection

  • Internal shock dampers for minimal handling noise

  • Transformerless FET fully balanced electronics

  • Highest quality hand-wired electronic components - film caps, precision resistors, hand tested and matched transistors, with component values tuned for the individual circuit.

  • 30-Day Full Return Policy & Lifetime Warranty


Upright bass, live and in studio


Christian McBride
Missy Raines
Barry Bales (Earls of Leicester)
David Jacques (John Prine)
Jimbo Wallace (The Reverend Horton Heat)
Daniel Kimbro (Jerry Douglas Band)
Mark Schatz
Nate Query (The Decemberists, Offa Rex, Black Prairie)
Sam Minaie
Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett)
Jeff Ratner (Langhorne Slim and the Law, Bing and Ruth)
Andrew Pressman (Nancy & Beth, Steve Poltz, Anthony da Costa)
Nadine Landry (Foghorn Stringband) the mic's namesake!


Bass Musician Magazine (Derek Jones)
Nadine Upright Bass Microphone (Solon Mcdade)


  • TRANSDUCER TYPE: condenser, large (26 mm) diaphragm

  • POLAR PATTERN: cardioid

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 - 15K hz (-3dB)

  • SENSITIVITY: -38.9dB (11 mV/Pa)


  • NOISE LEVEL (A-weighted): <17 dBA

  • POWER REQUIREMENT: +48V phantom power

  • WEIGHT: 1 lb (4 lbs cased)

  • DIMENSIONS: 8” x 2” x 2”; head is 2” in diameter


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  • Metal tool case with foam padding, 11” x 6” x 3"

  • Velcro mount for tailpiece

RECOMMENDED (click photo to add to cart)

  • DiMarzio braided XLR cable ($70) - for added glamour

  • Radial SB-48UB - provides both phantom power and a useful instrument-level output for working with stage amps.


“She sounded great!  Very honest bass tone from top to bottom.  The lower range is were she really shined... With Nadine strapped on there was no need to use the pickup; the low mids to lows had the most natural bass tone I have ever heard out front. Thank You!  You have done it again! It is an honor and pleasure to use your mics.”

 –Zach Newton (FOH for Jerry Douglas Band and The Earls of Leicester)


"From a small loud rock club in Cleveland, an outdoor festival in Texas or Music City Roots in Nashville, Nadine has been completely consistent and reliable. Every FOH engineer so far has commented that the mic sounds best with the EQ flat - relating the tone of the bass first and foremost. I have used monitors without any issues - sometimes even blending my piezo with Nadine - but I prefer just the mic. The best compliment I've had is, 'Your bass sounds great.'"
- Simon Flory, High Plains Jamboree


"I've noticed that with most "bass" mics I use the pickup for the bottom, and the mic to get some of the upper mid range stuff back that I usually dial out of a piezo pickup... With the Nadine though, my favorite sounds are down there in the lower, creamy chocolate places. It's so, so, so nice with the bow.”

–Daniel Kimbro (Jerry Douglas Band, Audio Engineer/Producer WDVX Blue Plate Special)

"As an in-ear user, I am so happy to finally have one bass sound that I can use and be so satisfied with. Suddenly these two guys who I have heard for hundreds of shows sound even better. Something I didn’t think possible and already head and shoulders above the rest of the fray. Thank you again for giving us all greater sonic unity.”

–Jerry Douglas


“Upright bass players, rejoice! The Nadine - newest addition of the Ear Trumpet Labs family - is here and is amazing! I've used it at outdoor festivals, concert halls, bar gigs, all kinds of venues and sounded great everywhere! Unlike pickups, the Nadine makes your upright bass sound like an upright bass- the way it's supposed to sound! With a sleek design and an easy installation setting right on the bass itself, the Nadine is the perfect microphone for upright bass players wanting to maintain the integrity of acoustic sound. The whole inventory of Ear Trumpet Labs products has made quite the impression on the acoustic world and the Nadine is no exception. Hurry up, get yours now, you can thank me later!”

Nadine Landry (Foghorn Stringband and Cajun Country Revival)