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“Graham’s [microphones] look like antiques, like art pieces, like they were made to order for the rich folk sound Portland is known for these days.”
-The Oregonian
“Lead vocals worked so well that I resisted pulling out mics that cost ten times more. That’s unusual at this price point for a picky bastard like me.”
-Larry Crane, TapeOp
“The Edwina surpasses all the hurdles that a live vocal condenser may have and offers a stunning sound and visual on top!”
-Andy Toy, Worship Leader
“I really love the ‘Oh, wow’ aesthetic of the Edwina. Clients react to having it placed in front of them in a very positive way. I love the low noise floor and the great sonic detail.”
-Pat Kearns, TapeOp
“Incredibly warm… I’ve used them on everything from piano to drum overheads, and they sound as good as they look.”
-Kevin Robinson, TapeOp
“A very characterful microphone with a distinctive but pleasingly musical tone.”
-Mike Hillier, Music Tech
Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2011, Ear Trumpet Labs is a craft builder of unique microphones for adventurous musicians and recordists. Combining technical expertise, the highest grade hand selected electrical components, and a sculptural aesthetic, the company is committed to a hand-built craft workshop approach to providing the best looking and sounding microphones.

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