Do they need Phantom Power?

Yes— condenser microphones need phantom power to operate. In all situations with a PA or house sound it should be a non-issue since virtually all mixing boards provide phantom power. However, musicians toting their own combo amp or portable PA to small venues need to make sure they have phantom power for their mics. If your system doesn’t provide phantom power – many newer ones do – it means carrying a small external phantom supply and one extra mic cable. Phantom power supplies are inexpensive and commonly available. They are simple devices and don’t affect tone, so any reasonably sturdy one should do just fine. Even if you don’t bring your own vocal PA, sometimes things break, or don’t work as advertised, so it’s usually a good idea to keep that phantom box in your gig bag just in case.

Our mics require at least 24V of phantom power. Less than that won’t hurt them, but they may perform erratically. We sell one we like from Rolls ourselves (see below) but any 24V or more phantom power adapter will do!



Rolls PB23 Phantom Power Adapter

Rolls single-channel 48 volt phantom power supply. We like the build quality of this model, and the fact that it's American-made like our mics.