Which model is right for me as a guitarist?

Guitarists and other acoustic instrumentalists should check out Edna or Edwina.

Edna and Edwina are both excellent guitar mics. Edna is a lovely acoustic instrument mic; as a small diaphragm mic she’s a bit drier than Edwina. Some guitarists favor one, some the other. An advantage of having two Edwinas is the flexibility that gives you – if you ever play with anyone else you’ll have a great duet setup, and they’ll make a fine stereo pair for recording.

If you need a fill mic on guitar to use with a single mic set-up, I would suggest Edwina for that role. She sounds wonderful on those instruments and is still a nice sensitive mic that will give a very natural sound if you just position her so your instruments are within a foot or 18 inches.


Feel free to email us questions about your specific application and we can make a tailored recommendation for which mic will work best for you.