Which model is right for me as a vocalist?

Check out Edwina, Chantelle, or Myrtle.

For vocals many people choose an Edwina. If you watch the video below you’ll see how versatile she is and hear how warmly and naturally she reproduces a wide variety of vocals. Though tuned for closer use than our suspended ring models, Edwina can still be worked from much farther away than most live vocals mics, remaining full-sounding from very close up out to around 18 inches away.

Edwina and Chantelle do not sound radically different; Chantelle has a little more upper mid lift and possibly an even smoother high end. Chantelle has more internal padding, which mainly means she hits the pre a little differently. They are different flavors, but subtly so. Myrtle is basically an Edwina in a spring suspension mount with less low-end roll off(which makes it better for working from a distance). Sonically they are very similar except for the ability to work the Myrtle from farther away.

Still have questions?

Feel free to email us questions about your specific application and we can make a tailored recommendation for which mic will work best for you.