Which model is right for me as a recording engineer?

Recording engineers, check out Edwina, Mabel, or Evelyn.

Mabel is a multi-pattern studio condenser. Try her on her own or with an Edwina for a great sounding mid-side mic configuration.

Edwina is a versatile workhorse microphone that sounds fantastic in the studio and has the added bonus of being able to be used live onstage. She’s our signature model, and much beloved by her fans. A matched pair of Edwinas can go a long way in a studio— try them on vocals, acoustic instruments, guitar amps, and drum overheads.

Evelyn, our newest model, is a weirdo and very cool looking. She’s perfectly spaced for the ORTF stereo recording technique, with all the warmth and versatility that people love in the Edwina.


Feel free to email us questions about your specific application and we can make a tailored recommendation for which mic will work best for you.