Ben Wigler

“Really, stepping behind an Edwina is a whole other realm of vocal rig… it’s as night-and-day a difference as it can get from a 58, and we’ve been shocked at how perfectly it’s been holding up with a very loud stage volume and some manhandling. I’ve had the chance to use the Edwina in the studio and I’m just in love with this mic – it has such a pleasant sound and projects such a cool vibe, it makes getting killer takes a breeze.”

Ben Wigler, Brooklyn, NY

Don Gunn

“I have a pair of ETL Edwinas and they are excellent sounding and extremely versatile mics. What I love best about them is that they don’t sound like any of the other mics I own – I don’t need more of the same, so to have them sound different and be so useable and flexible is fantastic.”

Don Gunn, recording engineer, Seattle, WA


“I love the warmth and clarity of these microphones. Their resistance to feedback is really remarkable. Whether we’re playing a noisy club, a basement, or outdoors on a large stage these mics have performed wonderfully. We’ve used the same mic technique with other condensers, but once we upgraded to Ear Trumpet Labs mics there was no comparison.”

Zac Little, Saintseneca

Scott Nelson

“She is all I could have ever hoped for in a live microphone. Our performances have been taken to a different level entirely… I used her for vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, fiddle, and percussion to run her through the paces. She performed unbelievably. I was able to attain a gain structure I had never been able to get out of any other large diaphragm condenser... I am a believer.”

Scott Nelson, Flatland Harmony Experiment